The CFO Leadership Council Unveils Groundbreaking “Generative AI Live Lab”

A Hands-On Workshop that Explores the Future of Finance through Generative AI Technology

Key Takeaways

  • The CFO Leadership Council (CFOLC) will host an immersive workshop called “Generative AI Live Lab” during its upcoming conference.
  • Glenn Hopper, a leading expert in finance and AI, will lead the session aimed at exploring the transformative potential of generative AI in the realm of financial decision-making.
  • The session promises hands-on experiences, real-time simulations, and actionable insights into how generative AI can revolutionize forecasting and risk management strategies.
  • This workshop is part of the broader CFO Leadership Conference West, a pivotal event for senior financial leaders focusing on sustainable growth and business transformation.

About The CFO Leadership Council

Founded as a professional association “for CFOs, by CFOs,” The CFO Leadership Council aims to empower senior financial executives in their careers. This unique and collaborative community provides its 2,000+ members across the U.S. and Canada with networking opportunities, insightful discussions on critical issues, and tangible insights into business and leadership. The company is owned by Chief Executive Group.

A Pioneering Session That Merges Finance and AI

This year, the CFO Leadership Council is stepping up its game by unveiling a cutting-edge session—Generative AI Live Lab. This workshop, led by Glenn Hopper, Director of Eventus Advisory Group and renowned author, seeks to illuminate the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the finance sector.

Glenn Hopper articulates the session’s importance by stating, “We stand at the crossroads of financial innovation and ethical responsibility. I am thrilled to engage with the CFOLC community to explore how AI can revolutionize financial decision-making, automate routine tasks, and shape the future of corporate finance.”

Going Beyond Theory: Hands-on Experience and Real-world Applications

The Generative AI Live Lab is not just another presentation but an interactive workshop designed for immersive learning. Participants will engage in collaborative exercises and real-time simulations to understand the predictive capabilities of generative AI in financial decision-making. This means attendees will get a firsthand look at how AI can revolutionize forecasting accuracy and risk management strategies, all under the guidance of an industry expert.

Bridging the Gap Between AI and Corporate Strategies

As businesses increasingly turn to technology to solve complex problems, the role of the CFO is being redefined. Glenn Hopper will delve into this transformation, offering insights into how AI can be integrated into various corporate strategies for sustainable growth.

“As we stand at the crossroads of financial innovation and ethical responsibility, the integration of AI in finance presents both unprecedented opportunities and profound questions,” says Glenn Hopper. He believes this workshop will help participants understand the ROI, long-term benefits, and ethical considerations of AI adoption.

Why This Session is a Must-Attend

The CFO Leadership Conference West is not just another financial conference but a vital platform where more than 300 senior financial leaders from various industries are expected to converge. These challenging times demand innovative solutions, and this session provides an invaluable opportunity for finance leaders to explore transformative technologies.

Join Glenn Hopper and the broader CFOLC community in this unique session that goes beyond theory, equipping financial executives with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of finance in the information age.

For those interested in attending this game-changing event, it will take place at the CFOLC Conference-East on October 2-4 in Phoenix. With its focus on driving business transformation and performance while concentrating on sustainable growth, the conference promises to be a landmark event for finance leaders worldwide.

To learn more about this must-attend event and the CFO Leadership Council, visit their website at

Written by Shantel

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