DartPoints: Fueling the Digital Future with Angelika Torres at the Financial Helm

A Strategic Move to Drive Growth and Penetrate Underserved Markets

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Key Takeaways:

  • DartPoints announces the appointment of Angelika Torres as Chief Financial Officer.
  • The move comes amidst a period of rapid growth in DartPoints’ services, including colocation, cloud, cybersecurity, AI/ML, and high-performance computing.
  • CEO Scott Willis believes Torres’ expertise will be instrumental in furthering the company’s expansion into new markets.

About DartPoints:

DartPoints specializes in advanced infrastructure, cloud, and managed services for enterprise deployments. It operates in markets throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and South Central U.S., offering a complete range of scalable and flexible services. With its focus on connectivity and advanced technology solutions, DartPoints aims to bridge the digital divide in mid-sized markets.

A Catalyst for Growth: Meet Angelika Torres

The Financial Maverick Behind DartPoints’ Strategic Expansion

Angelika Torres is the newest addition to DartPoints’ leadership, stepping into the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With credentials from Columbia Business School and Harvard Business School, and a bachelor’s degree in international business and finance from the University of Colorado, Torres brings a wealth of experience to the table. She has a successful history of building finance teams, crafting corporate strategies, and driving high-growth businesses in various global markets including the United States, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe.

DartPoints CEO Scott Willis voiced his confidence in this strategic appointment:

“We are thrilled to welcome Angelika to DartPoints. She brings financial expertise and a proven ability to drive strategic growth with privately held organizations. With her leadership, we are confident in our ability to optimize our financial strategy, continue to drive profitable growth, and unlock new edge infrastructure opportunities in the years ahead.”

Why Torres, Why Now?

Timing & Significance

DartPoints’ selection of Torres comes at a time when the company is experiencing remarkable growth in its various technology services. Her appointment emphasizes DartPoints’ commitment to the ongoing development of high-growth enterprises. Torres’ financial acumen will be crucial in leveraging DartPoints’ services, which span from colocation and cloud to cybersecurity, AI/ML, and high-performance computing.

Speaking about her appointment, Torres expressed:

“I am honored and delighted to step into the role of CFO with the dynamic team behind one of the fastest-growing data center operators in the country. I look forward to working with the DartPoints leadership team in supporting our customers, partners, communities and stakeholders as we continue bringing infrastructure solutions to underserved markets.”

DartPoints: Bridging the Digital Divide

Addressing Mid-Size Market Needs

DartPoints is not just another technology services company. It seeks to serve the broader societal goal of ensuring that everyone has equal access to life-altering connectivity and advanced technology solutions. DartPoints is already active in mid-size markets and has been working diligently to bridge the digital divide there.

What Lies Ahead

Expanding Horizons, Penetrating New Markets

The hiring of Torres is an inflection point for DartPoints. Her deep expertise in corporate strategy and capital allocation will provide DartPoints with the financial governance required to support its ambitious growth plans. As the company seeks to broaden its local presence in existing markets and penetrate new ones, Torres will be an invaluable asset in shaping its financial landscape.

In line with CEO Scott Willis’ vision, the appointment of Torres aims to “optimize the financial strategy, continue to drive profitable growth, and unlock new edge infrastructure opportunities.” In doing so, she will play a pivotal role in steering DartPoints towards a future where it not only fulfills its corporate ambitions but also serves the wider societal objective of bridging the technological divide.


The appointment of Angelika Torres as CFO is not merely a new corporate title; it is a strategic move that will likely shape the future direction of DartPoints. At a time when the company is on an upward trajectory, Torres’ inclusion in the leadership team serves as a catalyst that can drive DartPoints to new heights. With a focus on strategic growth and a mission to bridge the digital divide, DartPoints stands to gain immensely from the seasoned financial expertise that Torres brings to the table.

Written by Shantel

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