Request Finance announces the release of Web3 CFO guide

Request Finance announces the publication of the first Web3 CFO Guide: a practical, everyday resource drawn from the experiences and insights of over 250 finance and operations leaders at crypto companies, including Chainlink, Ledger, and Superfluid.

Christophe Lassuyt, CEO and Co-Founder at Request Finance said, “We wanted to find out what their biggest challenges were when they started their new role, what they learned, what they might do differently the next time, and what they wish they had known.”

Challenges Web3 CFOs Face Today

Many Web3 CFOs came in with prior experience in a finance role, with 63% citing gaps in their knowledge of crypto, DeFi or other blockchain technologies as one of the biggest handicaps when they first started.

In addition to the challenges of having to get up to speed about crypto, DeFi and other blockchain technologies, over 99% of CFOs at Web3 organizations said they did not have formal on-boarding processes when they started in their roles.

COO of Bluejay Finance, Jeff Ye Myat commented, “Traditional accountants have a hard time wrapping their head around concepts in crypto like swapping tokens on AMMs. Most don’t even understand Etherscan.”

Despite the challenges facing Web3 CFOs, many remained optimistic about the growing need for more finance professionals in the blockchain space. 76% of Web3 CFOs estimate that the demand for finance, accounting, tax and audit professionals will grow over the next 12-24 months.

The Ultimate Guide for Web3 CFOs

Web3 organizations deserve, and need better software tools to help finance and operations teams manage their day-to-day finance workflows. Automation of repetitive processes like payments, and integrations with other applications in both Web2 and Web3 are key to simplifying FinOps for Web3 teams.

The 100+ page guide covers an analysis of over 150 new tools developed for the Web3 financial stack:

  1. Crypto Wallets & Custody Solutions
  2. Fiat Banking Strategies
  3. On/Off Ramp Options
  4. Crypto Payments,
  5. Treasury Management,
  6. Financial Reporting in Crypto

It is filled with actionable tools, illustrative case studies, and frameworks that are easily accessible for busy professionals. The Web3 CFO Guide contains practical resources to help CFOs excel in key areas of FinOps in crypto.

Get a free copy of the Web3 CFO guide here.


Written by Nizel Pradhan

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